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Reading: Governance in Times of the Big Data Revolution: Sri Lanka’s Options


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Governance in Times of the Big Data Revolution: Sri Lanka’s Options


Harinda Vidanage

St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York, US
About Harinda
Visiting Assistant Professor of International Relations and Cyber Politics
PhD in Politics from University of Edinburg, UK.
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This article looks at the management of the critical intersection of governance and technology. Both the concepts and frameworks that the two invoke are experiencing turbulence in navigating the recent global shifts. Governance, since its inception as a critical conceptual and policy framework encounters stiff academic and policy resistance in moving towards creating global governance architecture. Technology is a broad concept and in the context of utility it is extremely diverse. The article attempts to explore a recent phenomenon as a consequence of the information revolution; the rise of big-data and significant changes it has brought to social life. Big data is not just a corporate tool for extracting profits, but is a techno-resource making governance a complex task. Yet if it is well-handled it will increase the efficiency and accuracy of service delivery platforms in the public sector.

Comprehending the importance and deployment of data analysis emerging from big data would be a critical sphere that the public sector has to invest in and engage with. Even in the United States, Google seems to be outdoing every national data and statistical analysis and at the same time working with the federal government to deliver better services to the American citizens. Big data is a result of intense data creation by anyone connected to the Internet. The amount of data in the world is outgrowing not just the machines invented to process them but the human imagination. Thus it would be pragmatic for the Sri Lankan public sector to engage with big-data management through systems of governance.

Sri Lanka Journal of Development Administration, Vol. 5, pp. 1-13, 2015

How to Cite: Vidanage, H., 2015. Governance in Times of the Big Data Revolution: Sri Lanka’s Options. Sri Lanka Journal of Development Administration, 5, pp.1–13. DOI:
Published on 21 Jul 2015.
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